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{Guest Post} Sgt. Curt’s Meatless Marching Band Part 1 – Prelude

Hello All! So nice to be writing here with you as we close out the longest, shortest month of the year in sunny MN. Of course we are writing today the prelude of three pieces about the grand, quasi-Lenten experiment championed by my esteemed contemporary, Nicole, yes it is almost time for…

Meatless March

You know I was actually vegetarian for about two and a half months some ten years ago when Nicole first started being devoutly herbivorous. And you know it wasn’t that bad; see I was working at Quizno’s and gorging on delicious veggie subs almost every day. This time I don’t work at Quizno’s anymore. No, this time I have other help like you can find at THIS COOL SITE!

I think for me, forgoing the meat things might be a little easier than for most people. I ate PB+J sandwiches almost everyday from like 4-12 years old, and my study abroad time in London probably saw about half of my food being meatless-pastas. I delight in Nicole’s curries (let’s cook curries!!), in veggie stir-fries, in quinoa and couscous stuff, and not too mention pretty much every dessert that’s not on Top Chef (bacon ice-cream… really?). Plus which I have about 25 lbs on my old college weight and I don’t think it’s all muscle-so I’M FINE. Incidentally, my prelude weight at the end of Feb is 160 lbs. Let’s see if that goes anywhere, eh?

So I am taking this grand experiment as somewhat of a spiritual cleansing, not just of my own meat consumption (which I ballpark around 6-8 oz a day), but more importantly a cleansing from the idea that it even needs to be a hard thing to do. We have so much, at least here in Northeast Minneapolis, in the way of exotic vegetarian-friendly restaurants, co-ops with legumes and vegetables, and regular stores with pasta and peanut butter (hheeeeeyyyy don’t let me just eat those things!) that it all seems quite manageable.

The journey of Meatless March, not unlike Lent itself, is a journey of self-reflection and self-denial. A journey that might hopefully show me that denial of eating meat (which I DO like to do, BTW) doesn’t need to make me feel like I’m not content with myself and the world. Rather, I hope to learn that I am taking away a new appreciation for the comforts of Italian subs, or hot dogs or round steaks (although I appreciate them plenty much to the max already). The trenches of habit can run deep, deep into our souls but never are they unchangeable. If Lent or Meatless March or whatever it is gives me an excuse to prove that to myself, then I say Let’s Do It!

In closing for now, wouldn’t it be cool if I found that I was in many ways happier eating more sustainably, and maybe even further lower my meat-per-day average? I could spend money encouraging businesses who may think more responsibly about our planet and its resources. I could inspire maybe even my grandmothers that this 14oz a day meat thing isn’t even the funnest or tastiest way to eat, I could honor those radiant folks whose compassion extends beyond humans, maybe I could learn how to cook my own darn curry. Who knows, it might even be good for me.

Can’t wait to check in with y’all at the half-way point about March 15th. Lastly, join me in Meatless March, and all your wildest dreams will come true. Peace out, Napoleon.

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