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Phoenix Fajitas & A St. Paul Shout-Out

Phoenix Fajitas

Fridays, I bring you a local MSP (Minneapolis St. Paul) restaurant shout-out, and sometimes a recipe!

Does the cold (-17* here in Minneapolis – beat that!) have you stuck inside? Make some hot Phoenix Fajitas to thaw out your tastebuds.

I made these a lot while we were living in Phoenix. What makes them yummy is simmering the onions, peppers, and Quorn chicken tenders in beer and fajita seasoning. Any kind of lighter beer will do. I used Miller Lite this time (don’t tell my friend Steve – he’d disown me ;) ).

Phoenix Fajitas
-Wheat tortillas
-Peppers (I used yellow and orange)
-1 bag of Quorn tenders
-Fajita seasoning (you can buy it at the store, or make your own. This time we made it using this recipe, and it was awesome. Very spicy! I did not have cornstarch on hand, and it turned out just fine).

Cut the peppers and onions into strips. Cook onions in olive oil for a few minutes, then add the peppers. After they have softened a bit, throw in some of the fajita seasoning (it should coat everything) and some of the beer. Mix it all together. Cover and let simmer for 10-20 minutes. Try a piece of the Quorn when you think it might be ready – the seasoning and beer flavors should be fully present.

Assemble the fajitas with peppers, onions, Quorn tenders, and tomatoes. We have an awesome skillet on our stove that Curt used to warm the fajitas, but you could also use a large pan.

Serve with salsa and sour cream. We didn’t need any more spice because the homemade fajita seasoning was hot enough!

You can serve this with Mexican rice, either out of a box or homemade. We made our own this time and it was awesome. Really easy if you have a rice cooker! Cook 1 cup of rice with a little over a cup of veggie stock. Add diced tomatoes, diced jalepeno, oregano and a little bit of salsa. You could melt a little cheese over the top if you were jonesin’ for some.

That’s it! Enjoy with a Miller Lite or a Corona. :)

St. Paul Shout-Out

Here’s a shout-out to the St. Paul location of Salut. I went there for lunch last week with a friend, and we shared the Chicken and Artichoke Crepes, along with the Pomme Frites (named the Best Fries in the Twin Cities by Mpls St. Paul Magazine – SO TRUE). We asked our server if they could do the crepes with the chicken on the side. It turned out there were two crepes, and they made us one with chicken (for my friend) and one without! Fantastic. Go there – they have one location in Edina and one in St. Paul. Salut Bar Americain

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